Volume I

Volume 1: 1198 pp. text, 116 pp. illustrations, and three tip-in maps.

Published December 2011 by Wild Cat Press. ISBN 978-0-9567 558-0-3


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Front cover, volume 1 Tale of Frieda Keysser

Arriving newly married in Central Australia in late 1895, Carl Strehlow’s wife Frieda was horrified to find that almost every child born at Hermannsburg died before the age of five. Determined to change this, she set out to discover what was going wrong, and how to change it.


Based on Frieda’s diaries and Carl’s official letters, the book goes into how she and Carl worked together, in the process debunking the fashionable ‘doomed race’ theory espoused by world famous anthropologists Baldwin Spencer and Francis Gillen.


Carl also researched the two languages spoken on the Mission, Aranda and Loritja, and after German baron Moritz von Leonhardi had contacted him, began writing his magnum opus Die Aranda- und Loritja-Staemme in Zentral-Australien (The Aranda and Loritja Tribes in Central Australia). In it he questioned some conclusions in Spencer and Gillen’s work, starting a vigorous debate in London intellectual circles and earning Spencer’s hostility.


This volume ends with the Strehlows returning to Germany in 1910 with no definite plans to come back to Hermannsburg.