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A new report from The NPD Group found that one-third of the handbags purchased in the U.S. over the past year ending in June did not have a visible logo. It seems older women are leading the way to discreet luxury handbags. Sales of purses without a big logo splashed across it are highest cheap ugg among women age 50 and above. Younger women in the Gen Z category increased their purchases of these no logo bags by 8 share points and Gen X's sales rose, but by a lesser amount. "Consumers are becoming less focused on image and more focused on individuality especially the younger generations," said Marshal Cohen, the chief industry cheap prada bags analyst at The NPD Group. "While the cachet of designer logos is still relevant for many, the days of consumers looking to be a part of a designer or brand movement are waning in favor of their desire to find the style and function unique to their personality and lifestyle." The purse style that has seen the most wholesale football shirts drop in market share is the one with the logo in the pattern. This is the style that took Coach Inc. to the top of the handbag charts. The accessory giant sold millions of the replica handbags logo bag to aspirational shoppers that wanted everyone to know they owned a Coach bag. Now, the company has only a small selection of logo bags for sale. NPD says millennials still want the luxury handbag, but they want people to know that its a high-end purchase through things like bag charms or distinct designs. Coach sells bag charms for $55.





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