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The report reveals that 41% of customers spend over a month researching and scanning the market before making a purchase. This increasingly cautious approach to buying does not signal lower spending habits - in fact, a reported $11.5 billion was spent on handbags in the U.S. in 2016 longchamp outlet by women aged 18 and over; representing a 5% increase in handbag sales from the previous year. What it does indicate is the customer's need to feel that they are well-informed about the products available on the market before committing to a purchase. Marketing methods will need to adapt to cater to this cheap longchamp. Secondly, shopping routes are changing. The report identifies that 61% of customers take the first explorative steps in their product research process online. Retailers whose online platforms are not sufficiently sophisticated to inspire and trigger purchases will find themselves at a significant disadvantage.


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